A Dynamic IVR Builder Offered for Global Enterprises

Dynamic Interactive Voice Response builder has been specifically developed for enterprises across the globe. It is an ideal and feasible solution for many enterprises as it helps gain competitive edge by providing increased brand quality through advanced customer experience.

Users can create multilevel IVR menus and boost caller experience in a better way by using IVR system or solution. Dynamic Interactive Voice Response System is mainly developed for the service providers to cater services to tenants to create various IVR menus; moreover, implementation and administration of IVR can be made simple with the help of GUI designer tool and prompt-management tool.

Dynamic IVR Builder Key Features

  • Offers multilevel IVR menus
  • Scheduling and Recording
  • Time-zone support
  • Recorded message/script
  • DID numbers support
  • Connectivity to various servers

Dynamic Interactive Voice Response Builder Key Advantages

  • Increases IVR usability
  • Increases in efficiency
  • Reduces cost of support
  • Helps more business like use of Telecom resources
  • No waiting time/hold time

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