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At Ecosmob Technologies, we thrive to give the best of the solutions to the client irrespective of the size of the business and the magnitude of the solution required. FreeSWITCH is an open source solution which can be utilized to address your communication requirements. With FreeSWITCH solutions, we offer a vast array of services which is decided by your specifications and requirements. Below is a list of FreeSWITCH solutions which broadly outline the FreeSWITCH solutions that are being imparted by us and we are in the process of anticipating more such areas which require us to confer solutions using FreeSWITCH.

FREESWITCH Conferencing Solution

FreeSWITCH Conferencing

FreeSWITCH conferencing solutions are an answer to simplify your communication requirements. FreeSWITCH conferencing solution is so designed that all those associated with your business viz., team members, customers and even prospective customers are available for you under one unified service.



FreeSWITCH IP PBX is an open source, virtual PBX solution, which delivers audio, video, multimedia and data content. It also provides a host of communication services. It is compatible with the existing PSTN network and various such systems.

CosmoSWITCH, A Class 4 SoftSWITCH

Class 4 softswitch

Class 4 softswitch that offers reliability, scalability and high performance to its users. It ensures that it delivers secure VoIP traffic and services over a multitude of IP networks across the globe. We integrates Authorization, Accountancy, Administration and Billing.

Telecome API Development

Telecom API development

Telecom API development is a building block to develop a web, cloud or mobile application with the telecommunication features. The Telecom API works as a middleware between your user, who wants to take a communication related action and your mobile or web application.

Appointment Booking IVR

Appointment Booking IVR

Appointment Booking IVR software provides an automated solution for different professionals, which allows their customers to book an appointment on their own. It will ensure to avoid any possible conflict as well as increase the user satisfaction with its advanced features.

Ordertracking IVR

Order Tracking IVR

Order Tracking IVR solution can be offered to the customers to locate the courier shipment, food or any other order to ensure the timely delivery. It will allow users to track their order by using their phone, even without internet connection.

Recharge balance IVR

Recharge/ Balance IVR

Recharge/ Balance IVR Solution provides an automated way to your customers to pay their postpaid mobile bills, or recharge their mobile or data balance, using their mobile devices  from anywhere, at anytime. Allow your customers to leverage benefit of uninterrupted calling and data usage by instant recharge and bill payment from any phone.

Enam Cnam lookup

ENUM & CNAM lookup

ENUM lookup works as a virtual bridge between the traditional telephony network and the internet. It translates the telephone numbers into the unique web address. CNAM Lookup also known as Caller ID Lookup checks the mapping tree and provide the caller ID to identify the caller.

Dictation Application Solution

Dictation application

Dictation application works as your personal assistant. You can speak whatever you want to get documented or written, and the Dictation Application will write it for you. It works as an advanced text to speech solution, which convert your spoken words into the written text.

Telemedicine IVR

Telemedicine IVR

Telemedicine IVR is a noble initiative taken by the leaders of the healthcare industry. The rural or distant people can get the expert medical treatment from another shore of the country or world by this concept. Using the telemedicine facility the doctors can diagnose the patient remotely.

FreeSWITCH IVR Solution


FreeSWITCH IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution is an automated telephone system which works to reduce the cost of outbound calls in your organization. Some advanced features can also be incorporated in the FreeSWITCH IVR solutions depending upon the requirements of your enterprise.



FreeSWITCH Session border controller solution manages traffic routing to your enterprise network. FreeSWITCH Session border controllers firmly establish control over the inbound/ outgoing VoIP calls along with the media packets being sent and received and hence provide high security to your network.

FreeSWITCH Fax Server

FAX Server

FreeSWITCH Fax server is a virtual fax solution which can be used as an alternative to the conventional fax machine. To communicate with the FreeSWITCH Fax server, users may either use the local intranet or connect over the internet cloud.

WebRTC Client

WebRTC Client

WebRTC client solution  is an ideal amalgamation of simple enabled real-time communication and friction-less connectivity which allows audio and video calling. It provides robust security, high-performance with a huge range of features and benefits.

Multi-Tenant Dynamic IVR Menu Builder Software

Dynamic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Builder

Dynamic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Builder is a smart solution which has been designed to create multiple IVR menus and boost the caller experience while using an IVR system. It is easy-to-use and maintain. Moreover, it can be made easier with the help of GUI based designer tool and prompt-management.

Direct Inward Dialing Router

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Router

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Router solution enables users to get connected from everywhere on VoIP and PSTN network. Once users utilize this solution, businesses can boost their efficiency and reduce the workload of receptionists. DID router basically manages the DID numbers which help reduce hold times.

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