Appointment Booking IVR Solution

Appointment Booking Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software provides an automated solution for different professionals, which allows their customers to book an appointment on their own. Many professionals need to schedule meetings by giving appointments to their customer as they have to provide one to one services to them. This appointment scheduling requirement can be varied based on the business nature. For instance, if a company is recruiting staff then it needs to schedule the appointment for the candidates. This is an occasional requirement. Whilst, a few professionals need to give appointments on a daily basis. Some of such professionals are:

  • Doctors
  • Counselors
  • Pass issue officers
  • Government officers
  • PR officers
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • And more

The manual way of scheduling an appointment can be very tedious and error prone. The Automated Appointment Booking IVR solution will ensure to avoid any possible conflict as well as increase the user satisfaction with its advanced features.

How Appointment Booking IVR solution Works?

    • Customer calls to a predefined number
    • System will play a welcome prompt
    • System will ask for the date selection from the available options
    • Customer inputs the date using either dialpad or voice command after the prompt
    • System will ask to select the convenient time from the available options
    • Customer selects the time
    • System will guide user with other options to schedule a meeting by voice prompts
    • System will generate an acknowledgment to the client
    • System will reflect the appointment in the database, and admin panel

Key Features of Appointment Booking IVR solution:

  • Automated prompts
  • Calendar Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Configurable IVR prompts
  • Text-To-Speech conversion
  • Scripting
  • Recording and Playback
  • Touch tone or voice recognition option
  • Email Integration
  • Fax Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Web based admin portal
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy to use GUI
  • CDRs and Logs
  • Reports
  • And more

Key Benefits of Appointment Booking IVR solution:

    • Automate Appointment Scheduling task
    • Play holiday message on such occasions
    • Keep a slot for emergency hours
    • Configure different appointment hours based on requirement
    • Fetch data from existing applications like calendar or 3rd party database, which provide you the flexibility of working with your current system
    • Provide a smooth way of scheduling appointment to your customers
    • Allow your customers to book an appointment at their convenience
    • Provide 24*7 appointment booking facility
    • Reduced (human) errors
    • More efficient resource utilization
    • Improved ROI
    • And more

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