Appointment Booking IVR Solution

Many people across the world still want 24/7 offline access for taking appointments and scheduling meetings. Though online appointment booking is available, statistics reveal that still twice as many appointments are booked through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) than online.

Customized appointment booking IVR software offers an automated solution for different professionals, enabling them to allow their customers to book an appointment without using the Internet. As per the business model, the appointment scheduling can be varied, but IVR solutions can meet all such requirements effectively. 

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What we offer

We know the appointment requirements of various businesses. For instance, if any company has a recruitment process going on, then it requires to schedule the appointment for the candidates. However, the company’s need is occasional and temporary. While professionals like doctors, counselors, PR officers, electricians, and many others need to give appointments on a daily basis.

We offer customized IVR solutions for facilitating appointment and schedule booking to various firms irrespective of their size and nature of the business.

FreeSWITCH Appointment Booking IVR Software- Your requirements, our solutions

Features of Appointment Booking IVR Solution

Scheduling appointments manually is a tedious process and the companies need dedicated staff for managing it. Also, the manual process is error-prone as compared to the automated appointment booking through IVR system. IVR solutions provide many advanced features that ultimately result in enhanced user satisfaction.

Some of the most noteworthy features of appointment booking IVR solutions are:

  • Calendar integration for better assistance
  • CRM and database integration for real-time access and robust storage
  • Automated prompts for improving user experience
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) conversion and scripting for better performance
  • Recording and playback with touch tone or voice recognition options
  • Fax and SMS integration for strengthening communication with the clients or users
  • Web-based admin portal for higher customization
  • Multilanguage support for expanding reach
  • Easy-to-use GUI for enhancing UX
  • CDRs and logs for better management of appointment booking process

Benefits to your business

Our tailored appointment booking IVR solutions can help your business grow and increase the RoI through offering a plethora of benefits including

  • Automation of appointment scheduling process
  • Customized holiday messages for offering a human touch
  • A slot for emergency hours
  • Different appointment hours configuration facility as per the requirement
  • Fetching data from calendar or the third party database for improving flexibility
  • A hassle-free way to book appointment for the customers
  • 24/7 appointment booking facility as per your customers’ convenience
  • Elimination of human errors

Why choose us

As a leading FreeSWITCH-based VoIP solutions provider, we have served a global clientele across different industry sectors. We offer high-quality appointment booking IVR solutions with all the desired features and at competitive rates. Our customized IVR solutions are supported by our 24/7 technical assistance and modification support.

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