Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) To Recharge Balance/ Pay Mobile Bills

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Solution provides an automated way to your customers to pay their postpaid mobile bills, or recharge their mobile or data balance, using their mobile devices. The IVR solution will allow your customers to pay their bills or recharge their balance from anywhere, at anytime. Now, they don’t need to be dependent on the local resellers or service provider. They can use an advanced yet simple system, called IVR, to leverage benefit of uninterrupted calling and data usage. The IVR solution doesn’t even need an internet connection. The only required thing is a phone. That’s it! With simple steps the data or mobile balance can be recharged and postpaid bills can be paid.

How Balance Recharge/ Mobile Bill Payment Interactive Voice Response System Works?

  • The user will call on a predefined number
  • The IVR file will be played
  • The user can select the appropriate options from the played IVR message
  • This will lead him to take the action he wants to perform, i.e., paying the mobile bill (postpaid) or recharging the call or data balance

Using an IVR solution, you can make your customers enable to take one or more actions from the following list:

  • Listen to
    • Latest offers
    • Full talktime offers
    • Special offers
    • Their balance validity and other related details
  • Check their
    • Available balance
    • Due bill
    • Last bill payment date
  • Recharge their
    • Call balance
    • Data balance
  • Pay due bill partially or completely
  • And more

You can add as many interactive options as you need, to give a powerful and interactive tool to your customers. Our IVR solution come with an easy to use graphical user interface. This will allow you to change your IVR menu options as and when required, on your own.

Key Features of Balance Recharge/ Mobile Bill Payment IVR Solution:

  • Easy to use web based Admin panel
  • Configurable IVR Prompts
  • Text to speech message conversion
  • Database integration support
  • CRM Integration support
  • SMS Integration Support
  • Dial-tone recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Call recording
  • 100% blind call recording
  • VoIP Support
  • PSTN Support
  • Secure payment
  • CDR and Logs
  • Reporting
  • And more

Key Benefits of Mobile Bill Payment/ Balance Recharge IVR Solution:

  • Provide your customers a handy tool to recharge their balance or pay their phone bills anytime, from anywhere
  • Decreased dependency on local resellers, or service providers
  • Automated operations
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Increased client happiness ratio
  • Save time of customers and staff
  • And more

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