ENUM and CNAM Lookup Module/ API Development Services

ENUM Lookup works as a virtual bridge between the traditional telephony network and the internet. It provides a unique platform to translate the telephone numbers into the unique web address. This mapping is known as the E.164 number to URI mapping.

How ENUM Lookup Works?

  • User Dials a telephone number
  • The ENUM lookup module/API will perform the number to URI mapping
  • Using the mapping, users can reach H.323, SIP or any other Telephony user

Features of ENUM Lookup:

  • Toll-free Access
  • Short Domain
  • Transparent Failure
  • Fast Verification
  • Compatible with SIP, H.323 and more
  • Easy integration with current system
  • Easy to use admin panel

Benefits of ENUM Lookup:

  • Easy to access complex SIP addresses
  • Remote access
  • Quick connection

CNAM Lookup also known as Caller ID Lookup. It will check the mapping tree and provide the caller ID to identify the caller. The CNAM lookup module can also be configured to retrieve more details of the caller to take appropriate action.

CNAM Lookup Features:

  • Instant caller id lookup
  • Extra caller information retrieval
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Customizable output format
  • Multiple queries per hour
  • Extensible database
  • Easy integration with current system

Benefits of CNAM Lookup Module:

  • Quick information about caller
  • 3rd party data support
  • Easy to manage

We offer custom ENUM and CNAM Lookup module and API development and integration services based on your current system requirements.

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