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The conventional fax machine has some limitations, and the FreeSWITCH fax server can overcome these limitations as a software alternative. The FreeSWITCH fax server can run on your office server or on any IP network through FoIP (Fax over IP) technology. You need to keep a computer for handling the faxes of all the users associated with your enterprise network. The user can use either the local intranet or the internet cloud for establishing the communication with the FreeSWITCH fax server.

The FreeSWITCH fax server converts received documents into fax and transmits them. It can perform the same process in the reverse direction for incoming fax documents.

Fax server with difference-Use FreeSWITCH Fax Server for All Faxing Requirements

How FreeSWITCH Fax Server works

You need to designate an email address in the FreeSWITCH fax server for converting emails into the fax format and transmitting them. Your users can send emails to that particular email address and the fax server can convert them into faxes automatically.

The FreeSWITCH fax server can also work with a virtual printer. When users print on the virtual printer, the server converts the document into a fax and transmits it.

The FreeSWITCH fax server can also convert uploaded files into the fax and transmit them. You can also integrate the certain client software with the FreeSWITCH fax server for meeting faxing requirements.

You can notify the user either through an email, a dedicated directory, a website, or a dedicated client software for incoming faxes.

Our FreeSWITCH Fax Server Solutions assist Your Business to enhance Communication

Features of FreeSWITCH Fax Server

  • Email conversion into fax
  • Document conversion
  • File conversion
  • Third-party software integration

Benefits to your business

  • Save time: You can save valuable time in receiving and sending faxes
  • Manage fax documents: The FreeSWITCH Fax server allows you to manage a large number of fax documents without using many fax lines
  • Fax automation: You can develop a software program  to generate faxes automatically using the FreeSWITCH Fax server
  • Neat faxes without occupying additional space: You can create a better impression with neat and professional faxes with just a standard printer combined with the FreeSWITCH Fax server
  • Easy monitoring: You can monitor faxes with ease using the FreeSWITCH Fax server along with checking the data retention and regulation compliance
  • Paperless work: You can avoid the wastage of paper through blacklisting the numbers that generate the junk mails and set a paperless office through electronically managing faxes

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