FreeSWITCH Fax Server

The FreeSWITCH Fax server is a soft fax system which can be used as an alternative to the conventional fax machine. The FreeSWITCH Fax server runs on the server at your office or on an IP network using the T.38 or Fax over IP (FoIP) technology. A Fax server is so termed since one computer is dedicated for the purpose of handling the faxes of all the users of your enterprise network. To communicate with the FreeSWITCH Fax server, users may either use the local intranet or connect over the internet cloud. The FreeSWITCH Fax server converts documents received from the users into faxes and transmits them and performs the same process in reverse directions with respect to incoming faxes.

The FreeSWITCH Fax Server Offers Following Options to Send a Fax

  • Designating an e-mail address to convert e-mails into a fax format and transmitting them. So your users need to email to that particular e-mail address in the FreeSWITCH Fax server. The FreeSWITCH Fax server then automatically converts those messages into faxes for onward transmission.
  • Defining the FreeSWITCH Fax server as a virtual printer. When users print on the virtual printer, the system converts the document into a fax and transmits it.
  • Uploading files to the FreeSWITCH Fax server via a web interface which is then transmitted as fax.
  • Using certain client software for the FreeSWITCH Fax server.

The FreeSWITCH Fax Server Offers Following Options to Receive a Fax at Your Desk

  • Ensuring that the user receives an e-mail when there is a fax message.
  • Defining a dedicated directory for incoming faxes which can by checked by the users.
  • Creating a website within the intranet so that the users can log in to the website and check for incoming faxes.
  • Lastly, the option of using some dedicated client software.

Advantages of the FreeSWITCH Fax Server are Listed Below

  • You save valuable time in receiving and sending faxes and can operate the FreeSWITCH Fax server sitting at your desk.
  • You don’t need to take printouts of fax able documents with the FreeSWITCH Fax server.
  • You can queue large number of fax documents on the FreeSWITCH Fax server and hence, you cut down largely on the number of fax lines.
  • You can create a software program with the FreeSWITCH Fax server so that faxes are automatically generated.
  • You create a better impression of your enterprise with the FreeSWITCH Fax server by producing neat, legible, and professional faxes.
  • You can avail better space management in your enterprise with the FreeSWITCH Fax server since you need only standard printer to print your faxes.
  • You can avoid re-faxing of poorly printed documents with the FreeSWITCH Fax server if there is a printer jam.
  • You can monitor faxes with the FreeSWITCH Fax server thereby you can give slots or charge user fees to various users. You can also check for data retention and compliance of regulations.
  • You can centrally locate the FreeSWITCH Fax server which functions as a data centre to increase the redundancy of your enterprise.
  • You can avoid wastage of paper since the FreeSWITCH Fax server black lists the numbers which generates junk mails.
  • You can set standards as a paperless office since the FreeSWITCH Fax server manages faxes electronically, thereby eliminating paper use.
  • The FreeSWITCH Fax server, therefore, is a product engineered to improve the productivity of your enterprise.

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