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No enterprise can survive without establishing a proper communication network between employees, associates, clients, and stakeholders in today’s challenging business scenario. The conferencing solutions enable you and your team to connect and collaborate irrespective of geographical distances while establishing the real-time communication. Our customized conferencing solution facilitate you to arrange meetings and seminars instantly thereby saving time, money, and resources.

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What we offer

At FreeSWITCHService, apart from meeting various communication-related needs, we serve our global clients with customized audio, video, and web conferencing solutions that are rapid-to-deploy, instinctive-to-use, and cost effective for addressing conferencing requirements.

We also provide conferencing solutions with desired features along with optimal voice and video quality over a secured network.

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Types of Conferencing solution

  • Audio/Voice Conferencing Solutions: Popularly known as ‘Teleconferencing’, audio/ voice conferencing solutions involve more sophisticated technology than a simple two-way phone connection. In other words, a teleconference is an audio conference with one or both ends of the conference sharing a speakerphone without a specific device arrangement.
  • Video Conferencing Solutions: Video conferencing solutions are the improved versions of audio conferencing solutions. It allows the participants to see still or motion video images of each other. Here, we have a greater bandwidth/data requirement that to ensure HD quality on bigger screens.  
  • Web Conferencing Solutions: Web conferencing solutions are preferable when you like to arrange virtual classrooms, webinars, online events, or establishing online network for collaboration. We offer you web conferencing solutions compatible with the variety of devices like smartphones, tablet, laptop etc. and allowing video and file sharing. Our tailored solutions can work swiftly irrespective of the OS.

Benefits to your business

  • Scalability: Our FreeSWITCH-based conferencing solutions are highly scalable and you can address changing business requirements with ease
  • Easy to use:  Our solutions have a user- compatible GUI, which enables you to select the apt services effortlessly
  • Quality: We ensure the audio/ voice, and video clarity with our tailored conferencing solutions and you can readily share the data during ongoing conference
  • Easy to deploy: We support various networks, assist with user onboarding, and offer targeted technical training with our team of expert VoIP solution developers
  • Verified Security: We safe-guard you through remaining compatible with IP VPN deployment options, Firewall/NAT traversal, SOC 2 verification, and encryption

Why choose us

At FreeSWITCHService, we provide easy, user-friendly, and customized solutions in designing and layout. We not only offer the audio, video, and web conferencing solutions but take care of every aspect of VoIP-based solutions.

We offer IVR, Telecom API development, and other VoIP solutions at competitive rates and our team has a vast experience of developing solutions across various industry sectors.

Our interactive conferencing software can help you in expanding your business through establishing communication network on a global scale.

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