FreeSWITCH Conferencing Solution Development and Customization Services

Today, more and more enterprises are moving towards real-time communication to be more productive even when you are traveling or located at remote places. FreeSWITCH conferencing solution provides enterprises a mechanism through which conference calls are placed outside and inside the enterprise. It is one of the cost-effective solutions for audio, video and web conferencing.

Through FreeSWITCH conferencing solution, you can enhance business relationships with your customers, staff, partners etc. Ecosmob offers cost-efficient FreeSWITCH development services that help you become more flexible and well equipped while having real-time communication. The solution brings the power of high-definition, real-time communication to the personal workspace, whether it is at home or office or on the go.

Clarity is the key feature of FreeSWITCH!

We are offering FreeSWITCH Conference Call Software Development and/or Customization Services for Following

  • Audio/Voice Conferencing Software
  • Web Conferencing Software
  • Video Conferencing Software

Key Features of Conferencing Software Solution

  • Dynamic Conference Creation using
  • Authentication with Additional Security Code
  • Participant Name Recording & Play
  • DTMF based Feature
  • CoS (Class of Service) based parameter integration like
  • Different Modes like Conversation
  • Entry-Exit chimes
  • Raise Hand
  • Name-Mapping
  • Configurable Music on Hold
  • Conference Recording
  • Conference wise Polling
  • Conference Scheduler
  • WebPhone to access conference using WebPortal (WebRTC based-No Plug ins Required)
  • Phone Book
  • Create, Edit & Delete Class of Service (CoS)
  • Live Conference View (LCV-Monitor/Control)
  • Dialout Participant Facility From
  • Rollcall Feature
  • Active Speaker Display
  • Raise Hand Feature
  • Mail Notifications
  • NIP Feature – Name & Pin Mapping
  • Mute All
  • Unmute All
  • End Conference
  • From LCV (Live Conference View)
  • Participant
  • Audit Logs
  • Reports

Benefits of Conferencing Solution

  • Reduces Cost and Time of Traveling
  • Simplifies dialing
  • Gives Effectiveness of meetings
  • Enhances Security For meetings
  • Works More Efficiently
  • Gives A Personal Touch to meetings
  • Adds Flexibility to communication
  • HD Audio Quality
  • Boosts Productivity of staff
  • Maximizes Resources at workplace
  • Easy to Set up and Maintain

FreeSWITCH conferencing solutions are developed to provide state of the art business solutions. It easily fulfills the requirements of large corporations, government entities, small to medium size businesses and many other enterprises.

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