FreeSWITCH Session Border Controller

FreeSWITCH Session border controller is the best solution to address all your VoIP issues coming from the stable of the pioneers in the VoIP arena. FreeSWITCH Session border controller is pivotal to your enterprise Internet Protocol (IP) since it offers a very high degree of security to your network, prove to be very cost-saving both in terms of installation and manpower, and provide superlative connectivity to all your users at remote locations.

FreeSWITCH Session Border Controller (SBC) is Categorized into the Following Solutions

  • Signaling SBC solution – to control the VoIP signaling .
  • Media SBC – to control the media packets and offer security.

FreeSWITCH Session border controller, as the name suggests, is located at the border of your enterprise network. The purpose for which FreeSWITCH Session border controller is provided is to control the incoming VoIP calls from other networks and also handle the media packets transported to and from from your network. It simplifies man power utility in your organization by reducing the load on your call handlers.

FreeSWITCH Session border controller is also provided to firmly establish control over the incoming/outgoing VoIP calls along with the media packets being sent and received, and hence, provides high security to your network against malicious attacks. FreeSWITCH Session border controller hence, offers better traffic routing to your enterprise network.

FreeSWITCH Session border controller is highly scalable and therefore supports a vast number of sessions and gives access to a huge number of users in a single session.

FreeSWITCH Session border controller is provided firstly, to act as a Network Address Translators (NATs) to the service provider. Second, to act as a firewall to the network or act in tandem with the firewall installed in your set up. Third, to prevent other network users from knowing the topology or design of your network. FreeSWITCH Session border controller also provides better Quality of Service (QoS).

Key Benefits of the FreeSWITCH Session border controller are listed below

  • Protection from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Topology hiding
  • Secured call control and media stream
  • Quality of service
  • Solution for interconnection of disparate IP networks using SIP, H.323, H.248, SS7, SIGTRAN, AIN, TCAP

FreeSWITCH Session border controller utilizes low cost hardware and it leaves ample scope for up-gradation of hardware or firmware. FreeSWITCH Session border controller hence, is an economically viable, robust and a reliable solution for your enterprise. It is a solution that becomes associated with your enterprise as a long term partner.

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