Order Tracking IVR Solution

The eCommerce industry is thriving as more and more people opt for online shopping. Customers tend to order various items online from different cities, states, or even country for which the logistics industry and courier services get a hive of activity. Order tracking IVR system is a boon for both logistics and courier companies for reducing the burden of handling a plethora of one-to-one calls every day.

The order tracking IVR solution can work as an automated receptionist and guides the caller to get the required information or taking the desired action without wasting time. The customized order tracking IVR solution can also work without the Internet and can serve both the urban and rural customers with high-quality audio and seamless performance.

One Solution, Many Applications

How Order-tracking IVR Solutions works

The order-tracking IVR solutions are user-friendly and customized for meeting changing business requirements. Our tailor-made development and installation services for the order tracking IVR solution enable your business to become more customer-centric.

Here is a process of order-tracking IVR solution:

  • The customer calls on the predefined number
  • The system attends the call along with playing an automated welcome message
  • It guides the user through various options for having shipment related information

Different industries can use the order tracking IVR software for providing the real-time information about the order or request made by the customer. For example,

  • Hotels can provide the status of room booking, room service requests, etc.
  • Restaurants can show the status of ordered food for home delivery
  • Railways and transportation companies can give the status of booked tickets
  • Hospitals can provide the status of appointments

Our solutions simplify order booking and tracking

Features of Order-tracking IVR Solution

We develop feature-rich and seamlessly performing order-tracking IVR software for the enterprises across various industry verticals.

Key features of order-tracking IVR system are:

  • Multi Level IVR menu
  • Configurable welcome and IVR prompts
  • IVR prompt recording
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) conversion
  • Web-based admin panel
  • Multilingual support

Key benefits of Order-tracking IVR Solution

Your business can

  • Attend multiple queries at once through an automated system
  • Reduce the call hold time of customers
  • Gives accurate order info about location and expected delivery time
  • Enhance customer satisfaction ratio
  • Utilize the manpower in more productive tasks
  • Improve productivity and scalability
  • Improve RoI

Our order-tracking IVR solution is designed to address various business objectives.

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