Telemedicine IVR Solution

The telemedicine is a boon of advancing healthcare sector. The concept of telemedicine is specifically designed to keep the health-related requirements of people, living in rural or remote areas, in mind. Using the telemedicine facility, the doctors can diagnose and treat the patient without visiting their place. Patients can receive the medical treatment from experts without traveling to the health care center under the telemedicine or eHealth program. The telemedicine IVR system is one of the important aspects for making the telemedicine concept more effective.

The telemedicine IVR solution facilitates the healthcare service providers by responding to the caller’s any sort of queries related to health conditions. Promptness and precision are the characteristics of the telemedicine IVR solution through which it empowers the eHealth program.The solution is capable of eliminating the requirement of additional human resources for answering the general queries of the patient with advanced features and next-gen functionality.

Giving Telemedicine an IVR advantage

How Telemedicine IVR Solution works

Telemedicine IVR solution is a user-friendly solution and offers easy steps to access the healthcare facility:

  • The caller calls on a predefined number
  • The IVR system guides the caller through customized prompts and leads them to the desired information

Tailored IVR solution has brought the radical changes in the telemedicine arena. You can get customized development and integration services for high-quality IVR solution to enhance the telemedicine facility.

IVR integration with Telemedicine- When swift and specific action is necessary

Features of Telemedicine IVR Solution

Our enterprise-grade telemedicine IVR solution has many features to make your telemedicine facility more adaptable.

Some of the noteworthy features are mentioned below:

  • User-friendly admin panel for modification and customization
  • GUI panel to add or delete custom IVR prompts
  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Recording facility for IVR prompt in own voice
  • Multi-Level IVR menu
  • Multilingual support for different audiences
  • Remote access to admin panel
  • Timeout
  • Maximum allowed wrong attempts
  • Playback and Recording options

Key benefits of Telemedicine IVR Solution

It’s easy to meet various communication requirements with our bespoke telemedicine IVR solution. It can make your health care services more reliable and scalable for the patients residing in the remote areas.

With our robust IVR solution, your organization can:

  • Give prompt response to every call without missing a single call
  • Respond multiple calls at once
  • Provide 24/7 availability of health-related information
  • Provide medical report, appointment, and other services-related status reports
  • Provide real-time information about availability of expert doctors and physicians
  • Provide information on nearby clinics and hospitals
  • Provide instructions of first-aid in case of emergency
  • Provide health and hygiene tips

Your healthcare institute can get the futuristic IVR software to offer a state-of-the-art telemedicine facility.

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